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        An Avadhuta, though he lives and moves about in the world, forgetting it he remains always merged with that SUPREME TRUTH, with that PARABRAHMA TATTWA. Though he appears an ordinary person to onlookers, in reality he is an extraordinary person. Such persons a removing
God HIMSELF moving about in human form. They will not suffer hunger and thirst like ordinary people. But when they become hungry they just eat whatever food is available in front of them without even asking anybody or observing any sort of formality. Even if that food is meant for a dog they just do not bother. For all external appearance they look like mad men. If one recognizes and serves them, his worldly and family problems and difficulties may get solved, but not his spiritual problems and difficulties. This is because they will not have 'Master-Disciple' relationship', 'Guru - Shisya relationship.

       When one becomes an Avadhuta, he cannot become either a Guru or an ordinary person again. Avadhutas wish well of the world always.

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