God himself comes down as Guru.

God himself comes down as Guru
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        God himself comes down as Guru in human form to make his devotees know the essential facts about HIMSELF and HIS creation. Otherwise how will human beings know about HIS existence-who HE is, what HE is doing etc? Therefore HE appears in the form of a Guru before human beings and tells them, 'See, God exists, HE is like this, if you want Peace, Bliss and Joy, go towards THAT'. He tells them how they should live in order to reach THAT' and enjoy Peace and Bliss. HE appears before them as an ordinary human being and tells them, 'See, I am also born just like any of you, I also live in family, I too have hunger & thirst like you, I am also a normal human being like you'. But there is one essential difference. The Guru has extraordinary intelligence and is all-knowing. He knows things that can engender Peace and Bliss in human beings. A continuous stream of enlightened knowledge and profound ideas goes on flowing out of him. He shows by his own life and example that God exists and that HE is ALL- POWERFUL and ALL-KNOWING. He points this out and makes it clear to them by concrete examples and happenings. He exhorts and awakens them and tells them, 'Why do you imagine yourself that you are going to be permanent? Don't you have even ordinary common sense? Why don't you see that nothing is permanent here? Everything here is not only impermanent but false also. God alone is real and eternal, go to HIM. In fact you are HE only, you are not different from HIM'. Whosoever listens to him and follows his teachings merges in that ETERNAL REALITY ultimately and becomes THAT.

That is why it is said that God and guru are not different. God has no form, attributes, nothing. THAT' is formless, undivided whole, knowledge
and bliss personified, limitless, absolute and infinite. 'IT' cannot be described IT is real and eternal. The only one person who can speak about 'IT authentically is the Guru. Heis the very living personification of ITS existence Only he is competent to give examples and illustrations and talk about IT. That is why Guru always talks of God. Whoever listens to his words will be immensely benefited.

Guru is God himself in human form, he can talk about IT also because he possesses the requisite organs to do it. IT cannot talk about ITSELF
because it has neither form nor the necessary organs. Guru talks about IT to those who are desirous of hearing and knowing about IT. He tells what IT is, how IT is and how to reach IT etc. He tells his devotees to begin moving towards IT with out any delay.

Also, in the absence of the Guru how could people know about IT? They wouldn't have known anything about IT. They use the soul they possess
exclusively to satisfy the desires of their sense organs. They feel that the soul exists for this purpose only. Suppose you have a source of light, you can utilize it for whatever purpose you want. If you utilize it for playing cards or any other useless purpose it will not ask you, why you are using il for such bad purposes. The user of course will suffer the consequences of what he does with it. He can use the same light for example, for performing 'yagas' and 'yagas' (religious and spiritual rituals), for charitable, philanthropic and such other good and holy purposes, for conducting pravachanas etc. also.

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