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Guru-the lover of devotees.

Guru-the lover of devotees.
Guru-the lover of devotees.
Guru-the lover of devotees.

      Guru is God. Of course, there is a lot of difference between the Guru and the Gods we worship. We vow to give or do something to the Gods, pray to them and worship them. They fulfill our desires and we feel satisfied, But the Gods fulfill only our worldly desires which again involves us in karma and prolong our worldly desires and miseries.

        Guru is not like this. He gives what is permanent. We need not even go to him and beg him. He fulfills the desires of his devotees even before they are asked. He knows what is in the minds of his devotees - their desires, aspirations, intentions and purpose of their becoming his devotees and also everything else. Whatever the devotee desires in his mind, he more than fulfills them. He makes the devotee to feel that he has had enough of such petty things, and to plead with him not to fulfill all his desires.

       Guru ends all desires. He makes the devotee understand what he should desire and what he should not. If the is excessively attached to anything he makes him leave it. He frees him from his narrow and selfish love and makes him love more and more people and finally everyone equally. At this stage he leaves him free to show his love and affection to whomsoever he wants and in whichever way he wants.

       Whatever Guru does is always for the good of the devotees. If they do not become good and loving easily he will not mind scolding and hurting
their feelings and even punishing them to bring them to the right path. Afterwards, like a grafted tree, they change their ways completely and become totally transformed.

      Guru is All-powerfull. He can do anything-get things done even by a corpse, which has to be cremated the next morning. Guru makes one
undergo lot of difficulties and sufferings in the beginning. Afterwards he makes him totally forget all the sufferings he underwent and live in joy and bliss. How could one who is not at all hungry relish and enjoy good foo Guru knows how to keep his devotee in joy and happiness.

       The devotee should also have intense love for his Guru. He should be strong in his conviction that he wants only the Guru and nothing else. That is real devotion for the Guru. If one's devotion for the Guru is only for getting his worldly desires then that devotion becomes 'Adulterated Devotion'. It is like marrying a barren woman and desiring progeny.

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