The Life-force Related To Sexual vital Fluid.

The Life-force Related To Sexual vital Fluid

The Life-force Related To Sexual vital Fluid.

         A spiritual aspirant and prospective meditator on the life-force should further understand how the life-force exists and works within the body. By the metabolic routines, the food consumed is transformed through nine successive stages: 1) Juice, 2) blood, 3) flesh; 4) fat; 5) bone; 6) marrow; 7) sexual vital fluid; 8) energy particles coated with vital fluid; and 9) bio-magnetism, these all evolve from one another in the above order.

        From marrow, vital fluid is formed and from this the life-energy particles are attracted and isolated. The major portion of marrow in human beings is the brain. Until the age of physical maturity, a greater portion of the sexual vital fluid and life-force particles remain in the brain. After maturity when the vital fluid becomes surplus, gradually it comes down and is stored in the sex glands. Until maturity the working centre of the life-force is in the brain. As the vital fluid gets sufficiently stocked in the sex glands, simultaneously the life-force particles are also intensified there.

        At this juncture one more natural secret is to be understood. By the self-rotative force of the Earth, heavier things are drawn inwards, towards the centre, and lighter things are thrown out towards the periphery. Therefore, unless held by a proper chemical fluid all the free energy particles are thrown away from the Earth. The life-force particles in living beings also come under this same principle. The sexual vital fluid is the wonderful chemical compound which is able to hold a certain quantity of life-force particles. Thus, wherever sexual vital fluid is stored, there the life-force is intensified. Although the life-force particles are pervading the entire physical body, the working centre of its circulation remains in the brain up to maturity, i.e. age 12 or so. After that age, the working centre is gradually changed to the sex gland, which in Yogic terminology is called "Mooladhar".

       In fact, after maturity both places, brain as well as Mooladhar will be working centres. But according to one's method of living and behaviour, one center may work predominantly. For humanitarians, research scholars and spiritual aspirants invariably the brain will be the main working center of life-force. For others the center will be in the sexual glands. For progress in spiritual development and to do meditation on the life-force, the working centre should be shifted to the head by a master who is well-trained and experienced in energy meditation.

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