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The Value And Purpose Of Introspection.

The Value And Purpose Of Introspection.

           Man seems to be simple to the outward perception. In reality he is a conglomerate of mysterious intricate natural wonders. His physical body was designed by the omniscient skill of Almighty and shaped to perfection through millions of generation of various species through the hereditary link. As the result of this evolution the characters and behaviours of a majority of living species on the Earth are hiding within him. Every such hidden character will assert itself at suitable times, according to opportunity and force of need.

      Basically man is Divine, according to his origin. On the way of the evolutionary process he has been imbued with innumerable mixed characteristics. As a noble species of six senses, in the age of scientific advancement, he has to adopt and follow a specific way of life with wisdom in knowledge and virtue in deeds. He has to eliminate all unwanted and incompatible characters and make a new plan for living to get enlightenment of consciousness.

       All man's imprints, whether hereditary or of present lifetime, take their shapes in the mind before coming into action (deeds). Therefore
by the practice of introspection one has to find all his imprints as they emerge as thoughts and screen them, selecting the good ones only to be retained for action. All unwanted imprints should be eliminated either by auto-suggestions or by super-imposition of virtuous deeds. To make this process practically possible, introspection is imperative. Let us begin with the philosophy of life.

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