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What is the true significance of Gravity?


       The process of the physical significances of gravitational force in the universe and in the living being as feeling, experiencing and imprinting
(storing memory) occur as follows; Anything which has self-rotative force has greater speed at the periphery of its volume than in its centre point. Reducing gradually from the periphery, the speed comes to nil or static at the centre point. That is, there exists a point in the centre where there is no motion at all. So the centre point of every energy particle is static, which is directly linked to all atoms in the body and with the surrounding Static State in the whole universe, and with the Static State (Absolute Space) surrounding the universe as a whole. It is the natural law that all magnetic, electrical and chemical phenomena (waves) are the significance of physical transformation of matter and all such waves are absorbed into the Static State. Absorption is the ultimate end of attraction. We should remember one natural mathematical law, that two negatives make a positive. The Static State is positive, and the energy particle is negative. The spreading wave from the particle is negative, added to the (particle's) negative; so it has to become positive which is Static State. Now at a glance, one can see all the functions of universe; dynamic energy particle, emerging from Static State, spreading wave radiating from the energy particle, this spreading wave becoming magnetism when it joins (clashes) the Static State, the magnetism becoming characterised as waves of pressure, sound, light, smell and taste in physical transformation, and all such waves upon physical transformation instantly become one with Static State.

        The Static State absorbs everything; it is the final end of everything. All appearances, in reality, are only waves of whirling motion or spreading motion. In the physical sense, the Static State which is the center of every particle, attracts other particles. Yet every particle has a certain
self-rotative speed; thereby every one repulses others and all are kept at and appropriate distance. Aggregation of particles and formation of atoms are conditioned by: 1) the gravitational force of Static State in the center of the particles, 2) the repulsive strength of each particle, 3) forces impinging from other waves, and 4) the constant, omnipotent and omnipresent pressure of the surrounding Static State.

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