The Value And Purpose Of Introspection.

8/23/2020 04:20:00 pm
The Value And Purpose Of Introspection.

           Man seems to be simple to the outward perception. In reality he is a conglomerate of mysterious intricate natural wonders. His physical body was designed by the omniscient skill of Almighty and shaped to perfection through millions of generation of various species through the hereditary link. As the result of this evolution the characters and behaviours of a majority of living species on the Earth are hiding within him. Every such hidden character will assert itself at suitable times, according to opportunity and force of need.

      Basically man is Divine, according to his origin. On the way of the evolutionary process he has been imbued with innumerable mixed characteristics. As a noble species of six senses, in the age of scientific advancement, he has to adopt and follow a specific way of life with wisdom in knowledge and virtue in deeds. He has to eliminate all unwanted and incompatible characters and make a new plan for living to get enlightenment of consciousness.

       All man's imprints, whether hereditary or of present lifetime, take their shapes in the mind before coming into action (deeds). Therefore
by the practice of introspection one has to find all his imprints as they emerge as thoughts and screen them, selecting the good ones only to be retained for action. All unwanted imprints should be eliminated either by auto-suggestions or by super-imposition of virtuous deeds. To make this process practically possible, introspection is imperative. Let us begin with the philosophy of life.

Student Life is a Golden life is common tagline for students.

8/20/2020 05:07:00 pm
Student Life is a Golden life is common tagline for students.

        Student Life is a Golden life is common tagline for students.  Student life is free from worries, burden, family responsibilities etc., Student life means waking up early in the morning, put o the uniform, polish the shoe and rush to school. students are so compatible and multitasking that they study 8 to 9 different subjects in 8 to 9 different periods(Sessions). A student enjoys a chit chat in a small time gap between two periods. Back to home and immersed income work.

Very intelligently student tries to escape when caught doing mischevious act or incomplete home work.  Examinations are the toughest phase of the student life.  We try to befriend most studious student,  visiting temples, fasting etc not leaving a stone unturned to get through the exams.

Above said is in the lighter vein. This is not student life and it cannot be golden life.   It may be golden phase but surely not Golden life.

If you want to make life golden then your Student phase of your life should be more Hardworking, Disciplined and Ethical. I share few things which can make student life a 24 carat Gold life.

Personality development- Being literate is not enough you have to be educated. Our elders say usually there are few criteria that can develop our personality.

1. Health- Among all the creatures in this world human life and human body is most worthy and valuable.

There are two things which makes human very special l) Talk ll) Intelligence

l) Talk- Only human beings can talk and the talk should be SIMPLE and SWEET. A good talk can console the depressed soul, A good tone can encourage to do the best.

ll)Intelligence - Human is the only creature which can think and invent the things to his comfort and luxury.

A fish can swim and a bird can fly but a fish cannot fly and bird cannot swim.  A cuckoo can sing A peacock can dance This is nature.
But a human with his intelligence can swim like a fish, fly like a bird, sing like a cuckoo, dance like peacock and many more. Human body is the vehicle to achieve all this. Gandhiji in his autobiography has mentioned that he used to sit quitly without involving in sports hence he was physically not that fit. While playing a team sports a child or a student develops a team spirit. While playing, sportsman will be so much excited that he shouts while shouting his vocal chords gets strong.  Such sportsmen can give a lecture for an hours without drinking a water inbetween  the lecture or seminar.

2) Food Habits- Students nowadays enjoy junk food. Instead of junk foods prefer authentic dishes or fruits. Limit your food.  Have a food at a proper time though you wakeup late nights for your studies. Nurture your body with proper food and exercise.

3) Mentally alert- We often see that student will be in cross roads. They should be clear in their mind what they're going to do, why they are going to do, how they are going to do, when they are going to do, which one they are going to do.  Clarity of mind will always make a person non biased to thought or a thing. For example now I am writing about student life I should be clear in my mind instead of writing a student's life I should not think about economics. We we always hear people saying I wanted to study medicine but, I wanted to go to film but I went to restaurant, I wanted to purchase trench coat but I ended up with rain coat.
                    "BUT IS A BIT OF POISON".
Be clear you'll have a less chance to be sorry for the wrong decisions or doing.

4) Enhance listening skills- Cultivate the habit of listening in future you'll be a calm person. The more you listen you have an every chance to explore a person's thoughts and gain from it. Rama  listened to a vanara also, hence he was able to reach Lanka.

5) Habit of Reading- Make a habit of reading. read the greatest personalities like Vivekananda, Ramakrishna, Rabindranath tagore, APJ Abdul Kalam. The books about the greatest personalities inspire us to reach our goal. Make a habit of reading the books or the good magazines at least a two page a day and when you complete the book write a synopsis on the front page. Your synopsis will give the essence of the book.

6) Intellectually sharp- Brian takes all the thoughts and when the fresh one comes it will super impose on the older one. When you read or see any thing, take the proper data and impose in the brain and use it in a proper time. This will super impose in your brain.

7) Emotionally Well Balanced- Happiness, Sadness, Anger, victorious, Fear  and many other emotions should be controlled and channelised. Emotions should be there but over happines, over sadness, too much of anger, too much of excitement in victory  are not good. A student can cultivate this habit by being friendly with everybody and sharing the sorrow of the friend and not being too much angry about other's mistake and victory should not be insulting for your defeated friend.

8) Time management-  Time management shapes the student's mind into the direction of discipline and responsibility in the duty. The students should utilise the 24 hours very wisely to become the best student and to excel in his subjects. Time management over a time helps to achieve success with less effort. Poor time management is also a reason for stress in one's life. We have heard about exam fever this is nothing but an anxiousness for the lack of time to study and complete the subjects. Make time to study on a regular basis, time to do your homework, time to prepare for your exams, time for your family and friends, time for the leisure like playing sports watching TV etc, time for yoga or exercise. Time management makes a student disciplined, intelligent, sharp, punctual, healthy and active.

9) spirituality - Spirituality makes student the best virtuous personality. A small example of our late president APJ Abdul Kalam will explain the entire concept and importance of spirituality.
After Kalam failed the interview for Air Force pilot in Dehradun he was not  selected with sheer disappointment he took a bus to Rishikesh and headed to ganges. Then, as he brooded over what direction his life would take, Kalam met the man he would often call the 'Guru of my life". Kalam wrote in his book, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear — How true! Here was the teacher to show the way who has gone ashtray.
Swami Shivanand told Kalam "Accept your destiny and go ahead with your life. You are not destined to become an air force pilot. What you are destined to become is not revealed now but it is pre determined. Forget this failure, as it was essential to lead you to your destiny.  Search, instead, for the true purpose of your existence. Become one with yourself, my son! Surrender yourself to the wish of God.

      If this was to be my destiny, I thought, let it be so. Finally , I was filled with mental peace. No more did I feel bitterness or resentment at my failure to enter the Air Force,” Thus began the journey of the Missile man and President of world's biggest democratic nation.
I think this one example of Mr. President Kalam is enough to club the role of spirituality in ones life.

Above virtues can make a student future life "GOLDEN".

What is the true significance of Gravity?

8/17/2020 11:38:00 pm


          The process of the physical significances of gravitational force in the universe and in the living being as feeling, experiencing and imprinting
(storing memory) occur as follows; Anything which has self-rotative force has greater speed at the periphery of its volume than in its centre point. Reducing gradually from the periphery, the speed comes to nil or static at the centre point. That is, there exists a point in the centre where there is no motion at all. So the centre point of every energy particle is static, which is directly linked to all atoms in the body and with the surrounding Static State in the whole universe, and with the Static State (Absolute Space) surrounding the universe as a whole. It is the natural law that all magnetic, electrical and chemical phenomena (waves) are the significance of physical transformation of matter and all such waves are absorbed into the Static State. Absorption is the ultimate end of attraction. We should remember one natural mathematical law, that two negatives make a positive. The Static State is positive, and the energy particle is negative. The spreading wave from the particle is negative, added to the (particle's) negative; so it has to become positive which is Static State. Now at a glance, one can see all the functions of universe; dynamic energy particle, emerging from Static State, spreading wave radiating from the energy particle, this spreading wave becoming magnetism when it joins (clashes) the Static State, the magnetism becoming characterised as waves of pressure, sound, light, smell and taste in physical transformation, and all such waves upon physical transformation instantly become one with Static State.

        The Static State absorbs everything; it is the final end of everything. All appearances, in reality, are only waves of whirling motion or spreading motion. In the physical sense, the Static State which is the center of every particle, attracts other particles. Yet every particle has a certain
self-rotative speed; thereby every one repulses others and all are kept at and appropriate distance. Aggregation of particles and formation of atoms are conditioned by: 1) the gravitational force of Static State in the center of the particles, 2) the repulsive strength of each particle, 3) forces impinging from other waves, and 4) the constant, omnipotent and omnipresent pressure of the surrounding Static State.

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The Ineffable Nature Of Mind.

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         Among all the Secret phenomena of the universe, the mind is intrinsically marvelous, second to God. All through the evolutionary process of Nature, the mind is inseparable from God. Two phenomena: force and Consciousness, are inherent qualities of God in the Static State. Throughout the evolutionary process of Nature (i.e. Static State), force is taking multifarious forms, from energy particle to the greatest masses of the mineral kingdom and inanimate matter, to animate life from one-sense living beings to six-sensed nan. Throughout this same evolutionary process, Consciousness is manifesting its character as appropriate order of function in three main stages: 1) pattern, precision and regularity in all inanimate things; 2) perceptional ability of cognition, experience and discrimination in all living beings, and 3) Self-realising faculty in man, i.e. knowing its own three-facets of Consciousness, knowledge and mind.

         Now let us consider the marvelous phenomenon, mind. The physical body is constituted by millions of cells with magnetic polarity, clinging to one another in a systematic arrangement. Within the physical body innumerable energy particles circulate as life-force. Every life-force particle is in speedy self-rotation and radiating a spreading wave. These spreading waves clash with the Static State (Space) which exists entirely within the physical body, and the joint product of this clash is bio-magnetism. The bio-magnetism becomes transformed into pressure, sound, light, smell, and taste, in collaboration with the physical cells. All the metabolic routines and mental functions are being done only by the transformation of bio-magnetism. The Static State in the centre of every life-force particle exists as Consciousness. This Consciousness extends as mind via the bio-magnetic field of the body and perceives the transformation of bio-magnetism as sensation. When sensation gives limited acceleration to the life-force, the feeling is Pleasure. If it is aggravated beyond that limit the feeling is Pain, and if the sensation is balanced the feeling is Peace. Illness occurs as and when the bio-magnetism gets short-circuited in the body in the process of physical transformation, when such a short-circuit is prolonged or intense and exhausts the bio-magnetic stock of the body, it results in death. When any kind of aggravation or short-circuit occurs, the Consciousness in its psychic extension feels it as discomfort or pain. Following the feeling of pain, the psychic extension takes the next step to Need. From the force of need, Zeal arises, zeal brings actions or deeds to fulfil the felt need, the action produces a Result, results are enjoyed or suffered accordingly; this brings experience, experience takes one to Research; research results in a Realisation; realisation brings one to a Conclusion. In this way the psychic extension of consciousness takes ten stages in human life: 1) Feeling, 2) Need, 3) Zeal, 4) Action, 5) Result, 6) Enjoyment, 7) Experience, 8) Research, 9) Realisation, and 10) Conclusion. These ten stages of psychic extension of Consciousness are comprehensively called "mind".

           The Static State is Consciousness and its extension through the bio-magnetic field is mind, just like the ocean and its wave; both are intrinsically one, but terminology differs according to the momentary viewpoint. Whatever the perceptions and feeling of the mind, all occur by the clashes of characterised waves with the senses. Below or beyond the sensorily perceptible, all clashes of waves spread to the whole body via the magnetic field as only vibrations. As the Static State in the centre of every life-force particle is gravitational force (attraction), all such clashes of characteristic waves reach and end there, in the Static State, Consciousness.

      On the way, the whirling waves of the life-force particles receive and are affected by all clashes as imprints. Understand that the entire physical body is a well-ordered, full magnetic reservoir, and the magnetism is the combination of Static State and dynamic waves. All the metabolic functions and all functions of mind are precisely carried out by the bio-magnetism with the co-operation of the body and brain cells, and the co-ordination of the limbs and senses. 

       It is the natural law that every wave emanating from anything has the character of that thing. When any waye clashes on anything, it will induce its own qualities in the thing on which it clashes. Furthermore, because everything is a wave (or conglomeration of waves) in the great ocean of universal magnetism, all clashes instantly affect the entire universe, all particles and masses.

      Again, let us think of the life-energy particles. These particles constantly receive clashes of characterised waves and get imprints by the same. Due to the particles, whirling motion, all imprinted characteristics are emitted from their continuously emerging, spreading waves. The Consciousness which is linked with the bio-magnetic wave is forced to focus as mind on either incoming or out-going waves, according to their intensity at the moment. So, sometimes one's focus is directed to the ongoing sensory experience, and at other times to the reflection of previously imprinted character. As there are always fluctuations in the charge, stock and consumption of bio-magnetism in the body, the focusing point of Consciousness is impelled to change accordingly.

        Now it is clear that the peripheral function of Consciousness is mind. The storage of all imprints in the life-energy particles is knowledge (collective experiences), and the Static of Infinite State is Consciousness. These three-faceted functions of one phenomenon, Consciousness, must be understood in order to know all about the physical body, life-force, magnetism, senses and universe. Here, I have expounded the theory, the science. For practical comprehension and experience, one has to apply the science and progressively understand through meditation, by fixing the mind on the life-force.

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Living Conditions Of Modern Man.

8/16/2020 11:16:00 pm
living conditions of modern man

          In these days of advancement of sciences, man's life is precarious. Contemporary man is far from being a real man in thought and deed. His life is in confusion, with multifarious problems which could not be understood, faced or solved by his own knowledge and skills. Providence and potentials are abundant; if man becomes aware of his greatness and utilises his potential properly he can be successful and enjoy life to the maximum limit. The personality of a fully developed human being should be strong and creative to face the problems of life as well as to help others. Instead, we see that every one becomes a problem for others. Such a negative and deceptive situation prevails. Why? Here, a deep thought is necessary. Man is a wonderful species. He is at the top of the evolutionary ladder. He has evolved through millions of species to the present bodily form and structure and is endowed with an unimaginable number of concentrated qualities of all living beings. He is, in a way, a species of super-computer, having the imprints of multifarious characteristics of living beings of the entire world. Let us think of the mode of living and imprints of habits in the brain and body cells of animals. Most of man's imprints are derived from the animal kingdom. From two-sense to five-sense animals, excepting a few species, way of life is killing and eating the flesh of other animals. So, in short, the animal characteristics are aggression and Living at the cost of other's causing pain and destruction.


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