Living Conditions Of Modern Man.

living conditions of modern man

          In these days of advancement of sciences, man's life is precarious. Contemporary man is far from being a real man in thought and deed. His life is in confusion, with multifarious problems which could not be understood, faced or solved by his own knowledge and skills. Providence and potentials are abundant; if man becomes aware of his greatness and utilises his potential properly he can be successful and enjoy life to the maximum limit. The personality of a fully developed human being should be strong and creative to face the problems of life as well as to help others. Instead, we see that every one becomes a problem for others. Such a negative and deceptive situation prevails. Why? Here, a deep thought is necessary. Man is a wonderful species. He is at the top of the evolutionary ladder. He has evolved through millions of species to the present bodily form and structure and is endowed with an unimaginable number of concentrated qualities of all living beings. He is, in a way, a species of super-computer, having the imprints of multifarious characteristics of living beings of the entire world. Let us think of the mode of living and imprints of habits in the brain and body cells of animals. Most of man's imprints are derived from the animal kingdom. From two-sense to five-sense animals, excepting a few species, way of life is killing and eating the flesh of other animals. So, in short, the animal characteristics are aggression and Living at the cost of other's causing pain and destruction.

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