The Greatness and Importance of Seva (Service).

6/17/2020 03:24:00 pm
The Greatness and Importance of Seva (Service)
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        To do meditation the mind must be under one's control. When the mind remains separate and otherwise engaged and the organs of action are
engaged in some work, even then the mind will be participating in the work superficially in an indirect and subtle way and not overtly. But when one gets absorbed in meditation and sense organs as well as organs of action have become inactive, the mind gets hurt and feels tormented and remains silent and quiet under compulsion. When the meditator gradually surfaces to normal consciousness the mind returns and resumes its normal action.

        But when one is engaged in Seva (Selfless work), both the mind and its associated organs of senses and action will joyfully work in unison and
harmony. On the other hand in meditation one has to keep his mind along with sense organs and organs of action under his control and check. Of
Course, it is always extremely difficult to keep one's mind under control because it never becomes inactive except in deep sleep. When the sense ongans work in unison, the organs of action will automatically join them willingly and joyfully and the job on hand will be accomplished perfectly. When this happens there will be all round harmony and the mind will not leave the organs to themselves and try to get interested in something else. Then with such a mind, when one is engaged in Seva work, in noble and selfless work, no other disturbing desires, thoughts and worries will arise in one's mind.

      Specially now, in modern days, when people have progressed too far technologically and in every other way, for any one to get involved in Seva work is very difficult and is indeed Great and Noble. To engage in Seva work becomes extremely beneficent for the mind and lays proper
foundation for the mind to become one-pointed, capable and efficient. In this way Seva work prepares the mind to deep meditation and silence.

       Now when you people get busy with some service in the Ashrama, by God's Grace the mind remains calm and no unwanted desire or yearning will arise to disturb the mind. The organs of action will co-operate in the Work quite willingly and enthusiastically. The mind too gets absorbed in the WOrk. Is this, in effect, not a much superior mental state than your dhyana with closed eyes? You, who are devotees, seekers and spiritual aspirants lould understand this secret, this inner meaning of this selfless Seva, which fact proves to be a highly effective sadhana. That is why whenever devotees come to the Ashrama they should themselves find out some work suitable to their temperament and useful to the Ashrama and engage themselves willingly in such work. But they should not entertain any ulterior motives in their minds while doing the work. In fact to get this kind of an opportunity to work is in it self a rare good fortune and a blessing. Such a devotee who works with great devotion and sincerity, even if he has not been able to sit and meditate on any day will eventually derive astounding spiritual benefit. Because of his continuous selfless seva, before he leaves his body, in his last moments he will automatically and effortlessly get in very deep absorption in meditation and experience Nirvikalpa Samadhi or 'Self-realisation'. All this happens because of Guru's Compassion, Love
Grace and Blessings. This is because he will have been virtually in that state all along.

       Why I am emphasizing the importance of Seva to this extent is because these days, when most people are getting almost addicted to satisfying their endless sensual desires, to develop the propensity or get the requisite bent
of mind to get interested in this kind of Seva is becoming extraordinarily difficult. Also engaging oneself in serious sadhana remaining at home is
almost impossible these days. Saints and ascetics of yore used to devote themselves to highly rigorous tapasya' or spiritual disciplines ignoring even basic and elementary comforts and subjecting themselves and their bodies to unimaginable hardships and afflictions, not minding continuous exposure to wind, rain and shine over prolonged periods. They had such dedication and determination and they did it. But we cannot even imagine doing even a wee-bit of such things now. In these days if we do God's Seva, HIS continuous remembrance through Nama Japa, Bhajana at fixed timings and such other simple spiritual disciplines and attend to his duties also, if is sufficient.

       Organs of action become active through the promptings of sense organs alone. It is for this purpose only we sit for meditation with closed eves and make the mind and organs still with no movement whatsoever, When we do God's seva we will in fact be doing good meditation even without our knowledge, When the mind gets absorbed in God's Seva, is it not meditation? Only when the mind is at peace and free from all other thoughts, we can concentrate on Seva, isn't it? With nagging doubts and tormenting worries can we get interested in doing God's Seva? When we begin the Seva, even if some sort of disturbing thoughts are present in the mind, as we get immersed in Seva work all such thoughts disappear. Such a still mind is in what is called 'Nirvikalpa' state.

      Then there is what is called the 'Nidhana' state of the mind. This is superior to all other states. One who is in this state need not do any work or
duties or sadhana or anything else.

      What is this 'Nidhana' state? To be totally free of the 'doer-feeling' is Nidhana' state. Doing everything you remain under the feeling that you are doing nothing. Even when you give away things to anyone, you don't feel you have given anything. In common usage we use the word 'Nidhana' to mean, to be soft and slow in everything we do - to walk very slowly, to
speak very slowly and very softly, to eat very slowly without talking or making any kind of noise etc. This is not what we mean by 'Nidhana'. To
be utterly and totally free of the 'doer-feeling' is 'Nidhana'-as for example you go on giving profusely and yet you feel you have given absolutely nothing.

     Now, say, there is some one who cannot himself do any kind of physical Seva". But by God's Grace he has money. Ifhe freely parts with
bis money all the while firmly feeling, all I possess really belongs to HIM, I am grving to HIM only what is HIS, then he is a real 'Nidhani'-one who is
in Nidhana' state. Let the whole world proclaim that he is a munificient donor, a 'Dana Shura Karna'(Karna of Mahabharata fame in giving), he
lould always feel within himself, I have given nothing, I have done nothing. One should be a Nidhani' like that.

       Sometimes even to know or understand these subtle things creates real diffieulties. The mind is so subtle. I say this because there are some
who are by nature 'Nidhanis' without their knowing. They will be freely giving money and or doing other kinds of sevas. After hearing what I have explained above they get into lot of confusion - like, am I a real Nidhani? am I really giving and doing things the way I should? etc.etc. That is why Guru selects proper devotees, prompts them to give and do other kinds of
Seva, makes them forget all about it also. He has the power to make them do the right things even without their being aware of it. God goes on getting Such things done by HIS selected devotees: If they come to know of things like being a 'Nidhani' etc. sometimes strange things happen. The mind is well known to be fickle like a monkey. Now it goes on scratching its head over such things and make a 'raw wound' of it. By going on thinking over it, it keeps the wound always 'raw and festering' and will not allow it to heal. So it is best to go on giving money and doing Seva quietly without
bothering about these things. One should not be thinking deeply and discussing unnecessarily such things. If one does this, unnecessary
complications will arise where things were going on smoothly. I know what is going on in everyone's mind. So knowing that Guru knows everything, if devotee goes on doing his work as well as sadhana in his own way, that is sufficient.

God himself comes down as Guru.

6/17/2020 03:06:00 pm
God himself comes down as Guru
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        God himself comes down as Guru in human form to make his devotees know the essential facts about HIMSELF and HIS creation. Otherwise how will human beings know about HIS existence-who HE is, what HE is doing etc? Therefore HE appears in the form of a Guru before human beings and tells them, 'See, God exists, HE is like this, if you want Peace, Bliss and Joy, go towards THAT'. He tells them how they should live in order to reach THAT' and enjoy Peace and Bliss. HE appears before them as an ordinary human being and tells them, 'See, I am also born just like any of you, I also live in family, I too have hunger & thirst like you, I am also a normal human being like you'. But there is one essential difference. The Guru has extraordinary intelligence and is all-knowing. He knows things that can engender Peace and Bliss in human beings. A continuous stream of enlightened knowledge and profound ideas goes on flowing out of him. He shows by his own life and example that God exists and that HE is ALL- POWERFUL and ALL-KNOWING. He points this out and makes it clear to them by concrete examples and happenings. He exhorts and awakens them and tells them, 'Why do you imagine yourself that you are going to be permanent? Don't you have even ordinary common sense? Why don't you see that nothing is permanent here? Everything here is not only impermanent but false also. God alone is real and eternal, go to HIM. In fact you are HE only, you are not different from HIM'. Whosoever listens to him and follows his teachings merges in that ETERNAL REALITY ultimately and becomes THAT.

That is why it is said that God and guru are not different. God has no form, attributes, nothing. THAT' is formless, undivided whole, knowledge
and bliss personified, limitless, absolute and infinite. 'IT' cannot be described IT is real and eternal. The only one person who can speak about 'IT authentically is the Guru. Heis the very living personification of ITS existence Only he is competent to give examples and illustrations and talk about IT. That is why Guru always talks of God. Whoever listens to his words will be immensely benefited.

Guru is God himself in human form, he can talk about IT also because he possesses the requisite organs to do it. IT cannot talk about ITSELF
because it has neither form nor the necessary organs. Guru talks about IT to those who are desirous of hearing and knowing about IT. He tells what IT is, how IT is and how to reach IT etc. He tells his devotees to begin moving towards IT with out any delay.

Also, in the absence of the Guru how could people know about IT? They wouldn't have known anything about IT. They use the soul they possess
exclusively to satisfy the desires of their sense organs. They feel that the soul exists for this purpose only. Suppose you have a source of light, you can utilize it for whatever purpose you want. If you utilize it for playing cards or any other useless purpose it will not ask you, why you are using il for such bad purposes. The user of course will suffer the consequences of what he does with it. He can use the same light for example, for performing 'yagas' and 'yagas' (religious and spiritual rituals), for charitable, philanthropic and such other good and holy purposes, for conducting pravachanas etc. also.

Guru's Compassion.

6/17/2020 02:51:00 pm
Guru's Compassion

        Right from my boyhood I loved being alone. I was not having any contact with the outside world. I was not at all liking that sort of relationship.

        I have done this, will God be pleased with it?-these kinds of thoughts and feelings never used to occur to me. One can say I was not having any sort of relationship with God. I was not knowing all these things also. I was neither praying to HIM nor asking HIM to give me anything or do anything to me.

        Even if anyone died or anything got stolen, ruined or destroyed, even if anything happened to anyone or anything, I was not at all feeling bad. In
a way those days were splendid, I think. Now, if anything bad happens to any living creature or to any devotee, I cannot bear it at all. I get terribly
disturbed. I wonder why and how this has happened. I don't understand it at all. I feel those were glorious days. I was sort of a king or an emperor all by myself. I was one with God. Now lot of responsibility has fallen on my shoulders. Responsibility means, not that I am doing anything. Things go on happening automatically by themselves.

       In worldly affairs, even if some little thing goes wrong, it creates problems. Even a little boredom, a little dissatisfaction because of anything creates difficulties. Even a little upset or disturbance in anything becomes a problem. This is what has happened. Praying to HIM to keep everyone fine, everyone happy, I am spending my days, that's all.


6/16/2020 10:56:00 pm
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        An Avadhuta, though he lives and moves about in the world, forgetting it he remains always merged with that SUPREME TRUTH, with that PARABRAHMA TATTWA. Though he appears an ordinary person to onlookers, in reality he is an extraordinary person. Such persons a removing
God HIMSELF moving about in human form. They will not suffer hunger and thirst like ordinary people. But when they become hungry they just eat whatever food is available in front of them without even asking anybody or observing any sort of formality. Even if that food is meant for a dog they just do not bother. For all external appearance they look like mad men. If one recognizes and serves them, his worldly and family problems and difficulties may get solved, but not his spiritual problems and difficulties. This is because they will not have 'Master-Disciple' relationship', 'Guru - Shisya relationship.

       When one becomes an Avadhuta, he cannot become either a Guru or an ordinary person again. Avadhutas wish well of the world always.

Guru - Devotee Relationship.

6/16/2020 03:55:00 pm
Guru - Devotee Relationship
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       The relationship between a Guru and his devotee is a kinship that is unique and very special. In ordinary relationships when some discord or estrangement occurs, if they want, they can say you are no longer my son, you are no longer my elder brother etc and cut-off their relationship all together. But Guru-Devotee relationship is not of this type. Guru might have said anything, even if he had scolded the disciple very severely, a disciple will never feel that he should cut-off his relationship with the Guru.

       To worship Guru is same as worshipping God. If one gets Guru's Grace, that disciple will go on remembering his Guru. He cannot forget him. Grace does not mean any other thing. It is just earning Guru's love and endearment. If he becomes dear to the Guru, that devotee cannot free himself from Guru's attraction and strong pull. This pull frees the devotee from all other worldly responsibilities and bondages- like wife, children, relatives, education etc. It makes him not to bother about any of these responsibilities any more. That devotee no longer runs after worldly enjoyments, luxuries and pleasures. If one earns Guru's Grace and blessings, that disciple after leaving the body attains his Guru, merges in him and becomes Guru himself.

Temporary and Immature renunciation.

6/16/2020 08:54:00 am
Temporary and Immature renunciation
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         To one who has noble and virtuous qualities ingrained in him from his past lives, faith and devotion come naturally and effortlessly. In fact he is born with these things. Such a person need not struggle much and engage himself in rigorous tormenting and prolonged spiritual disciplines. He would have done these already in his previous lives.

          But to one, who, in this life, just begins to read the scriptures, to listen to Puranas (Epics and other religious and scriptural texts), to ruminate over the contents of what he has read and listened, to know about God and HIS creation, to get convinced that they are all true, to feel the need of proper guidance from a competent Guru, to go to him, to get convinced of the path to God shown by the Guru, to faithfully follow his guidelines-to such a one, deep and firm faith and pure and real devotion do not come so easily or so early. This is because he will not get easily convinced that whatever the Guru is telling is really true, good and extremely important. He will go on getting any number of doubts. He will have to clear all his doubts before he can progress further.

         The other person on the other hand, who is born with good samskaras (noble and virtuous qualities) from bis previous lives, surrenders to the Guru without any hesitation whatsoever. He will not go on doubting and questioning his Guru's guidelines and teachings. He will soon plunge himself into real sadhana and begins doing Pooja, Bhajan and Dhyana with intense faith and devotion.

        Some people want to reach their goal immediately. In their haste and anxiety they create unnecessary difficulties for themselves. They don't think calmly and deeply using their power of discretion. Succumbing to some sudden up serge of emotions or due to some other reason they become renunciates all of a sudden. One should do the proper thing, at the proper time and in the proper way. Otherwise one is in for failure, disappointment and frustration. He will create difficulties for bin self and suffer unnecessarily. Outsiders will see only his actions. But will not the Guru know what is going on in his mind? Guru will be knowing why he became a renunciate and what is going on in his mind. Some of them after a while may go back to their families or become ordinary worldly people again. One cannot be certain.

        But Guru will not definitely like such sudden and temporary renunciation. He will never advise anyone to do such things.

        How one should live in this world is like this. He should live like a normal, well-behaved, decent citizen and lead a virtuous life. Inwardly he should renounce everything. He should be free from all sorts of desires. He should have firm and deep faith and devotion. All the same, outwardly he should be like any other person.

       What is of utmost importance is to keep one's mind and heart absolutely pure. All the rest do not matter at all.

The supremacy of the 'Audumbara' Tree (Attimara)

6/09/2020 02:01:00 pm
The supremacy of the 'Audumbara' Tree (Attimara)
The supremacy of the 'Audumbara' Tree (Attimara)
Audumbara tree

       It appears when God Ugra Narasimha killed the demon Hiranya Kasyapa, the agony and pain he felt due to the poison which had polluted HIS fingers did not subside due to any nursing or treatment. When Goddess Ganga and all other Gods and Goddesses failed in their attempts, Goddess Laksmi, it appears, took the fruit of the 'Atti' mara(Audumbara tree) and gave it to HIM. Then only the pain mitigated and disappeared. Since then the 'Audumbara' tree has become sacred. If the ferocity of incanation of God as Ugra Narasimha had not subsided and disappeared it would have become a grave danger to the whole of creation.

       Even God Dattatreya, it appears, used to meditate under the 'Audumbara' tree. HE, it seems, would always live under the 'Audumbara' tree. Lord Datta himself has also said that HE lives in the 'Audumbara' tree.

       If we interpret philosophically also, 'Ambara' means the principle of 'Akash' (space). It has no form or shape. In the same way God also is
formless, shapeless.

Sukha Nidre, Tani Nidre, Gnana Nidre (yoga Nidre), This is samadhi.

6/08/2020 08:17:00 am
Superb Sleep

  • Happy sleep (Sukha Nidre).
  • Special sleep (Tani Nidre).
  • Superb sleep (Ghana Nidre). 

Work hard, exhaust yourself, eat well and sleep. You will sleep very happily. That is 'Happy sleep (Sukha Nidre). Free from all desires and ambitions, being at peace with yourself and with the world around, if you enjoy a dreamless sleep that is 'Special Sleep' (Tani Nidre).

But there is an entirely different sleep. Merging in oneself (becoming one with 'antaratma'), without any 'wants' and 'don't wants', no worldy thoughts ever peeping in, one's attention riveted to REALITY, awake and sitting, standing or in any posture, being utterly 'alone'-this sleep is called
"Superb Sleep (Ghana Nidre). This is Yoga Nidre'. The state everyone has to reach is this only. When in this state, the feeling that 'I am in Bliss is
also not there, because in that state 'one alone is, there is no second thing". When he himself has become Parabrahma itself and when Parabrahma alone is, who is there to know whom? After being in this 'Superb Nidra'or'Yoga Nidra' one takes quite some time to regain normal consiousness and do normal work. As one gets used to this state he wants to be only in this state and nothing else. This is the real 'Samadhi' state. While alive in this body, mind merging in that REALITY, in that DIVINITY, that PURE CONSCIOUSNESS and losing itself in THAT is called 'Samadhi'.

Remaining in 'Samadhi' one can be doing anything-sitting, walking, talking, seeing etc. While doing all these things, he will in fact not be doing anything If he is seeing he has not seen, if he is eating he has not eaten! He is totally free from all worldy thoughts and desires. Eyes open or closed, he will be seeing THAT'only. While walking if one gets into this state they call it "Travel Samadhi''(Sanchara Samadhi). He can be talking also then. In fact
either by walking or by talking he wants nothing. There is nothing he wants to get or gain. He doesn't want to please anyone by talking. He doesn't want any praise or glorification from anyone.

They will only be practicing like this to gain one-pointedness in meditation and raising themselves to higher levels of consciousness. But once they become adepts they will remain in the 'Samadhi State'normally also.


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