Sant Tukaram Life And Background - Devotional Journey - Teachings and Legacy and more.

Sant Tukaram Life And Background - Devotional Journey - Teachings and Legacy and more.

Sant Tukaram Life And Background - Devotional Journey - Teachings and Legacy and more.

        Sant Tukaram, also known as Tukaram Maharaj, was a prominent 17th-century Indian saint and poet from the state of Maharashtra. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest Marathi poets and spiritual figures, known for his devotional compositions and teachings that emphasize the importance of devotion to God and the path of righteousness. Here's a step-by-step overview of Sant Tukaram's life and contributions:

Early Life and Background:

1. Birth: Sant Tukaram was born in 1608 in Dehu, a village near Pune, Maharashtra, India.

2. Family: He was born into a farmer's family and belonged to the lower-caste community known as the Shudras.

Spiritual Awakening:

1. Divine Experiences: Tukaram experienced profound spiritual visions and divine interventions from a young age, which ignited his intense devotion to Lord Vithoba, a form of Lord Krishna.

Devotional Journey:

1. Bhakti Poetry: Tukaram expressed his devotion through abhangas, devotional songs in Marathi, which are considered a significant contribution to Marathi literature.

2. Universal Message: His abhangas focused on the universality of devotion, social equality, and the concept of God's presence in every living being.

Teachings and Legacy:

1. Simplicity and Devotion: Sant Tukaram's teachings revolved around the path of simple devotion to God, emphasizing that genuine love and surrender to the divine were more important than elaborate rituals.

2. Social Equality: He challenged the caste system and advocated for equality among all human beings, emphasizing the importance of inner qualities over social status.

Philosophy of Varkari Sampradaya:

       Tukaram was associated with the Varkari Sampradaya, a devotional movement that focused on singing the praises of Lord Vithoba while undertaking pilgrimages to Pandharpur.

Legacy and Influence:

1. Literary Contributions: His abhangas are compiled in the "Gatha Tukaram," which contains over 4,500 devotional songs. His poetry continues to inspire millions.

2. Cultural Impact: Sant Tukaram's teachings had a profound impact on Maharashtra's cultural and social fabric, promoting spirituality, humility, and social justice.

3. Spiritual Status: He is widely regarded as a saint and a spiritual luminary, revered by people across religious boundaries.


1. Demise: Sant Tukaram is believed to have left his mortal body in 1649 in the village of Dehu.

2. Union with God: It is believed that he merged with the divine, attaining a state of oneness with Lord Vithoba.

Celebrations and Remembrance:

1. Tukaram Jayanti: His birth anniversary, known as Tukaram Jayanti, is celebrated with reverence and cultural events in Maharashtra.

2. Palkhi Procession: The annual Pandharpur Palkhi procession, a tradition associated with the Varkari Sampradaya, pays homage to Sant Tukaram's devotion to Lord Vithoba.

        Sant Tukaram's life and teachings continue to inspire people to this day, serving as a beacon of devotion, humility, and social reform. His legacy lives on through his timeless poetry and the spiritual impacFamilyad on society.

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