Second incarnation of lord Dattatreya. Om Shri AtriVaradaayaNamaha.

 Second incarnation of lord Dattatreya

Om Shri AtriVaradaayaNamaha

           Maharshi Atri was consuming air on the Mountain Ruksha and was worshipping Yogiraja, the form of knowledge, with severe austere exercise. As a result of that austere exercise of tapas, a divine unbearable brilliance emitted from his head. That brilliance spread to all the universes and made everybody terrified of that. The Trio of Gods appeared in front of Maharshi Atri. Atri then offered arghyam water and prayed to them.

      Atri then asked them "I have been worshipping only one ParaBrahma, how did you three come?"

       The Trinity of Gods then said "We are the glories of single ParaBrahma. There is no difference among us. Difference is only for running the universe. Worship our united form only."

      In the very next moment Yogiraja appeared. He showed Himself with three faces and six arms. He Himself is Atri Varada.

       First day of the waning fortnight of Karthika month on Thursday - Rohini star - Sunrise time.

       He bore Akshamala - string of beads, Kamandala - small water pot, Shoola- Spear, Dhamaruka - small double sided drum, Shankha - Conch, Chakra - Wheel. In this form, the right portion is the form of SatGuru, and the left portion is the form of ParaBrahma.

        Atri varadha should be worshipped on the first day of the waning fortnight in Karthika month. water as arghya should be offered thrice. Bananas should be offered to the deity and should be offered as oblation.

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