Sukha Nidre, Tani Nidre, Gnana Nidre (yoga Nidre), This is samadhi.

Superb Sleep

  • Happy sleep (Sukha Nidre).
  • Special sleep (Tani Nidre).
  • Superb sleep (Ghana Nidre). 

Work hard, exhaust yourself, eat well and sleep. You will sleep very happily. That is 'Happy sleep (Sukha Nidre). Free from all desires and ambitions, being at peace with yourself and with the world around, if you enjoy a dreamless sleep that is 'Special Sleep' (Tani Nidre).

But there is an entirely different sleep. Merging in oneself (becoming one with 'antaratma'), without any 'wants' and 'don't wants', no worldy thoughts ever peeping in, one's attention riveted to REALITY, awake and sitting, standing or in any posture, being utterly 'alone'-this sleep is called
"Superb Sleep (Ghana Nidre). This is Yoga Nidre'. The state everyone has to reach is this only. When in this state, the feeling that 'I am in Bliss is
also not there, because in that state 'one alone is, there is no second thing". When he himself has become Parabrahma itself and when Parabrahma alone is, who is there to know whom? After being in this 'Superb Nidra'or'Yoga Nidra' one takes quite some time to regain normal consiousness and do normal work. As one gets used to this state he wants to be only in this state and nothing else. This is the real 'Samadhi' state. While alive in this body, mind merging in that REALITY, in that DIVINITY, that PURE CONSCIOUSNESS and losing itself in THAT is called 'Samadhi'.

Remaining in 'Samadhi' one can be doing anything-sitting, walking, talking, seeing etc. While doing all these things, he will in fact not be doing anything If he is seeing he has not seen, if he is eating he has not eaten! He is totally free from all worldy thoughts and desires. Eyes open or closed, he will be seeing THAT'only. While walking if one gets into this state they call it "Travel Samadhi''(Sanchara Samadhi). He can be talking also then. In fact
either by walking or by talking he wants nothing. There is nothing he wants to get or gain. He doesn't want to please anyone by talking. He doesn't want any praise or glorification from anyone.

They will only be practicing like this to gain one-pointedness in meditation and raising themselves to higher levels of consciousness. But once they become adepts they will remain in the 'Samadhi State'normally also.

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