Guru - Devotee Relationship.

Guru - Devotee Relationship
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       The relationship between a Guru and his devotee is a kinship that is unique and very special. In ordinary relationships when some discord or estrangement occurs, if they want, they can say you are no longer my son, you are no longer my elder brother etc and cut-off their relationship all together. But Guru-Devotee relationship is not of this type. Guru might have said anything, even if he had scolded the disciple very severely, a disciple will never feel that he should cut-off his relationship with the Guru.

       To worship Guru is same as worshipping God. If one gets Guru's Grace, that disciple will go on remembering his Guru. He cannot forget him. Grace does not mean any other thing. It is just earning Guru's love and endearment. If he becomes dear to the Guru, that devotee cannot free himself from Guru's attraction and strong pull. This pull frees the devotee from all other worldly responsibilities and bondages- like wife, children, relatives, education etc. It makes him not to bother about any of these responsibilities any more. That devotee no longer runs after worldly enjoyments, luxuries and pleasures. If one earns Guru's Grace and blessings, that disciple after leaving the body attains his Guru, merges in him and becomes Guru himself.

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