Temporary and Immature renunciation.

Temporary and Immature renunciation
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         To one who has noble and virtuous qualities ingrained in him from his past lives, faith and devotion come naturally and effortlessly. In fact he is born with these things. Such a person need not struggle much and engage himself in rigorous tormenting and prolonged spiritual disciplines. He would have done these already in his previous lives.

          But to one, who, in this life, just begins to read the scriptures, to listen to Puranas (Epics and other religious and scriptural texts), to ruminate over the contents of what he has read and listened, to know about God and HIS creation, to get convinced that they are all true, to feel the need of proper guidance from a competent Guru, to go to him, to get convinced of the path to God shown by the Guru, to faithfully follow his guidelines-to such a one, deep and firm faith and pure and real devotion do not come so easily or so early. This is because he will not get easily convinced that whatever the Guru is telling is really true, good and extremely important. He will go on getting any number of doubts. He will have to clear all his doubts before he can progress further.

         The other person on the other hand, who is born with good samskaras (noble and virtuous qualities) from bis previous lives, surrenders to the Guru without any hesitation whatsoever. He will not go on doubting and questioning his Guru's guidelines and teachings. He will soon plunge himself into real sadhana and begins doing Pooja, Bhajan and Dhyana with intense faith and devotion.

        Some people want to reach their goal immediately. In their haste and anxiety they create unnecessary difficulties for themselves. They don't think calmly and deeply using their power of discretion. Succumbing to some sudden up serge of emotions or due to some other reason they become renunciates all of a sudden. One should do the proper thing, at the proper time and in the proper way. Otherwise one is in for failure, disappointment and frustration. He will create difficulties for bin self and suffer unnecessarily. Outsiders will see only his actions. But will not the Guru know what is going on in his mind? Guru will be knowing why he became a renunciate and what is going on in his mind. Some of them after a while may go back to their families or become ordinary worldly people again. One cannot be certain.

        But Guru will not definitely like such sudden and temporary renunciation. He will never advise anyone to do such things.

        How one should live in this world is like this. He should live like a normal, well-behaved, decent citizen and lead a virtuous life. Inwardly he should renounce everything. He should be free from all sorts of desires. He should have firm and deep faith and devotion. All the same, outwardly he should be like any other person.

       What is of utmost importance is to keep one's mind and heart absolutely pure. All the rest do not matter at all.

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